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Light tubes

Light tubes

Introducing Lightway logo

Lightway Sun Tunnels

Transform the darker areas of your home into light and welcoming spaces with supreme performance sun tunnels from Lightway.

Expertly engineered in the Czech Republic, Lightway Crystal sun tunnels allow natural daylight to flow in from the roof through a highly reflective tube to brighten up any spot in the home that needs bringing to life.



lightway dome light flow

A Lighting Solution For All Roofs

Whether you are looking to welcome sunlight into the home via a pitched roof or flat roof, Lightway’s versatile range of sun tunnels have the solution for you.

Lightway products are straightforward to install, with everything you’ll need to complete the job coming as part of a value for money kit, including flashing and adjustable elbow.


Bohemian Crystal: Unmatched Performance & Appearance

Every sun tunnel in our Lightway collection comes fitted as standard with an exterior dome made of beautiful, immensely popular Bohemian crystal. Sitting proudly above the roof tiles, Lightway’s Bohemian crystal dome is a standout feature in its own right.

Rest assured, the exterior dome is not just for show. The design and shape of the dome refracts sunlight inwards, capturing more light than a flat glass sun tunnel ever could.

This Bohemian glass is also self-cleaning, greatly reducing the need for regular maintenance.




Lightway Blue Performance ensures that:

  • water will not leak from the sun tunnel nor damage the interior or building construction

  • no thermal loss occurs

  • no overheating in the summer months

  • interior surfaces stay dry preventing the growth of mold

  • the installation meets low energy and Passivhaus standards


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