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Foamglas Cellular Glass Insulation

Foamglas Cellular Glass Insulation

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation slabs and boards is load bearing insulation, produced without any addition of binders from recycled glass (predominantly vehicle windscreens), i.e. from sand, dolomite, and lime. The insulation elements consist of cellular glass with a closed cell structure. Production is free of harmful blowing agents, and the material’s high compressive strength (without creep or deformation) and resistance to water and water vapour make it an appropriate substitute for extruded polystyrene, which contains the brominated flame retardant HBCD and is usually produced with HFC blowing agents that have a high global warming potential.



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Perisave Marginal Stop

Applications: Marginal stop, insulation and formwork for concrete floor slabs. S..

Starting at: £47.54 Inc VAT: £47.54

Foamglas T4+ Angle Fillets

Applications: Used to provide a 45 degree angle for roofing membranes to upstand..

Starting at: £29.95 Inc VAT: £29.95

PC EM Primer, 5kg pail

For Internal and External use as a primer. 5kg pail. Type: Viscous, solvent-f..

£15.76 Inc VAT: £18.91

Foamglas PC 600 Adhesive

PC® 600 Green is a ready to use 1 component solvent and water free thixotropic p..

£173.80 Inc VAT: £208.56

Foamglas Adhesive PC56, 28kg combi-pail

PC® 56 is a solvent-free two part - component adhesive. Component 1 is a bitumen..

£69.75 Inc VAT: £83.70

Foamglas Adhesive PC11

PC® 11 is ready for use straight out of the can. It’s a one-component adhesive b..

Starting at: £123.99 Inc VAT: £123.99

Foamglas Adhesive PC500, 25kg pail

PC® 500 is a ready for use 1 component adhesive (Thixotrop) and is used in the F..

£77.50 Inc VAT: £93.00

Foamglas Adhesive PC58, 32kg combi-pail

PC® 58 is a two-component modified bitumen based cold adhesive without solvents...

£86.53 Inc VAT: £103.84

Foamglas PC Compound 74 A1

Type: PC® 74 A1 is a ready mixed mineral grout, class CS II according to DIN E..

£36.59 Inc VAT: £43.91

Foamglas PC Finish 0

Type: Mineral smoothing lime coating with a small addition of white cement and f..

£61.84 Inc VAT: £74.21