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MC 55W

  • Do not apply in direct sunlight, rain or wind and protect the finished work until fully cured (scaffold nets).
  • In case of rapid dehydration, dampen the finished work with water at regular intervals.
  • High humidity and low temperatures can increase the curing times considerably. Stainless steel plaster beads should be fixed with AM 51, not with gypsum products.
  • Protect other materials such as  glass, ceramics or metal etc. from contamination with appropriate coverings.
  • Clean tools after use with water.
  • Do not apply or allow to dry under an air or wall temperature of + 5ºC and falling or  more than + 30ºC.
Mortar group: CS II according to EN 998-1
Compression strength: 1.5-5.0 N/mm²
μ-value: 10-15
Absorption rate: W 2 (DIN EN 998-1), water repellent
(acc. to DIN 18550)
Conductivity value λ10, dry:
(Tabled values acc. EN 1745)
≤ 0.93 W/(mK) (for P = 90%)
≤ 0.83 W/(mK) (for P = 50%)
Conductivity value λR:
(Tabled values acc. DIN V 4108)
1.0 W/(mK)
Minimum thickness: In grain size
Grain size: 0-5 mm
Water requirement: 4.5-5.5 l/sack
Material requirement: 7.5 kg/m²/5mm (depending on
Yield approx.: ca. 3.3 m² depending on method. It is recommended to determine the exact material requirement by creating a sample area.


MC55W is a multi purpose bonding mortar and white base coat render. For use in all external and internal areas. Ideal background for mineral and resin decor render finishes. Mineral MC 55 W can also be used as a reinforcing mesh coating onto basecoats and insulation boards.

MC55W  is generally applied to a thickness of 3-5mm and combed through with a brush while wet. Glass fibre reinforcing mesh (BYY1490MESH) is embedded into the mortar in areas where there is a risk  of cracking. Standing times of 1 day per mm thickness of render should be observed before further coatings are applied.

MC55W can be applied directly onto concrete and sponged finished.

One 25kg bag will cover approx. 8.3m² at 3mm thick. This does not include any allowance for wastage

Recommended for Pavatex Woodfibre boards.

Grain Size
0 - 1.2 mm


25 Kg Paper sacks (42 sacks per pallet = 1050 kg)

1 kg/m2/mm

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