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Airtightness adhesives

Airtightness adhesives

Airtightness adhesives from Pro Clima: Tescon Primer RP, Orcon F, Orcon Line, Eco Coll Glue.

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Aerosana Viscon

AEROSANA VISCON is a high-quality, water-based acrylic dispersion paste that can..

£94.40 Inc VAT: £113.28

Tescon Primer

Tescon Primer RP is a solvent free adhesive primer for wood, fibreboard, masonry..

£18.00 Inc VAT: £21.60

Tescon Sprimer

Tescon primer in a handy spray form in 400 or 750ml sizes Advantages Ea..

Starting at: £9.15 Inc VAT: £9.15

Orcon F

ORCON F has exceptionally high adhesion properties while also being elastic. Its..

Starting at: £7.00 Inc VAT: £7.00

Orcon Line

ORCON LINE is an airtight joint adhesive on a roll for joining all kinds of vapo..

£20.50 Inc VAT: £24.60

Eco Coll Glue

Eco Coll is a natural latex glue for creating permanently airtight joints betwee..

£8.00 Inc VAT: £9.60

Weldano Turgo 1ltr Tin

Weldano System solvent welding agent ..

£27.00 Inc VAT: £32.40


Glumex is made from natural solvents and oils, it dissolves adhesive residues fr..

£16.00 Inc VAT: £19.20